We live in a round world. A world full of information we may or may not know. A huge chunk of the information is basically ideas, some one’s ideas.  In a world full of opportunity, ideas are the product best suited for consumerism, capitalism, commercialism, etc. Based on how the world has been shaped today in the pursuit of an”idea”, we have come up with a catapult to channelize your wildly running ideas to give this idea thirsty world, a source of satiety and a launch pad for you to generate revenue from ideas. See your dreams turn into reality!

We are IDEAx. It is an organization that values ideas and the concepts that are generated through ideas. The whole idea of IDEAx came about from a team situated in Varanasi, India. The locomotives that IDEAx works on are simple. Buy and sell ideas from commoners like you and me. The mode of exchange of ideas for entrepreneurial purposes is done by Idearary, its subsidiary that is the first touch point to put across your ideas to exhibit for purchase. We have a new platform to share your inputs concerning ideas, connect with the world online and make way for better opportunities for social media buffs like Facebookers and Teewteratti, what we like to call “Idea Media“. Idea Media is a facilitative platform that we have created for the ease of bonding over the internet with our idea providers/seller and our prospective idea buyers. We encourage every thinker to get those out of their cerebrum and share them with us. We take it from there to the people who incessantly look for better ideas to generate more business.

We at IDEAx are multi-dimensional in our approach to work with people who are dreamers and achievers. We exchange your ideas with the ones who are looking for it and make a deal, a transaction of thoughts on monetary basis to ultimately help you generate more business worthy ideas. We know that successful people have hit their pinnacle of success by following their dreams and leveraging on their ideas. We provide you a stage, more like a market place to share with us your intricately thought over and even randomly placed ideas and thoughts on any topic, theme, subject and if the ideas are amazing enough to be shared with investors interested in your thoughts, we take it to them. Because we believe that ideas are nothing but a figment of your imagination if they are not put to use!

We make deliberations with first, ourselves over the capability of your idea and after ranking them, with the prospective investor and try to sell and promote your ideas. Of the deals that we make of your ideas, we pay you with its royalty and have a special mechanism of offering you points for every idea that we sell for you. These idea points are huge in monetary value, giving you not just money but a lot of appreciation for your work and encouragement to think more and share more. We retail or license your idea as a product hence, providing you benefits at your doorstep from just an idea. Sounds amazing? So, the next time you think of an idea, rethink and share with us.


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