In this world full of wonders we often come across things, people and events that startle us and hit us hard with their exceptional beauty and wondrous enigma. An unexpected shift from the regularities and monotony that life offers, some people challenge that route and take the road less taken.  The story of an anomaly called Stephen Key is one such encouraging tale of ideas converting into reality and going places from there.

Stephen Key, an award winning American who shot to fame was no overnight event, it took him more than 20 licenses and extra-ordinary inventive thinking to achieve what he has become today. He is a successful inventor and entrepreneur who runs many successful business ventures and a co-founder of Invent Right, a company that teaches people how to successfully license their products and ideas.He has authored some very interesting books, one of them is a bestseller titled,”One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work”.A firm believer of simple ideas and application of that simple idea for an affective marketable product, he pens down his thoughts over how simple ideas can be turned into stellar business ventures in his blogs. He is a person donning several hats and still knows which one to wear and when.

A talented artist himself, Stephen Key started his career as an exhibitionist in art shows, only to realize later, the power of his creative prowess and the ability to generate a marketable companionship from the blend of his creativity and out-of-the-box ideas for comprehensive and sustainable self-employment.For the love of creating something, Stephen started to make fancy characters for Dakin Toy Company. He also learnt the skill of manufacturing from Far East and later designed in collaboration with other designers of successful toys of the decade of 80s and 90s.After a long stint at the World of Wonders, a toy manufacturing company, he started his own company for toy invention and licensing.

He has some really interesting line of toys credited to his name, one of them being, Michael Jordan Wall Ball, licensed by the Ohio Arts in Stephen’s name. Spinformation® or Rotating Label is another product of his creative thinking, an intelligent labeling mechanism that earned Stephen 13 industry awards alone for this creation globally. Other instant hits from Stephen Key are HotPicks and reintroducing Spinformation® to the food and beverage division of Disney, Accudial, Soyu Natural Teas, etc.

With several accolades in both professional and personal life, Stephen has earned his name on the most renowned pages of business publications around the world and is now a globetrotter and a regular writer for magazine Inc., Entrepreneur, etc.

There are a lot of people who reach their eureka moments of breakthrough in their lives but not everyone does that because of generating and converting their ideas into reality. To put things into perspective, Stephen believed in moving on from one state of developed product to another idea for developing something new which is convenient, utilitarian and user friendly. Stemming from a simple idea,a product could be made so useful that it is not only used by millions of people but also get appreciated for the inventory that is commendable. The story of Stephen Key is therefore, more than inspiring, it’s useful.


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