There are several startups that have taken off in the market with amazing ideas that have benefitted them and the consumers in every small and big ways in daily life. Let’s have a look at the five amazing startups that began with superb ideas to run their show and are still them rather well:

Reboot, a technology based IT recycling company that took off in October 2012. They go by the tag line of- Live more. Do more.The startup is a Microsoft registered refurbisher providing certified and co-branded refurbished computers (PCs and laptops) and other IT hardware. The Reboot team collects used and unallocated IT hardware from companies, offices, personal users, etc. and recycle, refresh them into ‘almost like new’ hardware and provide them to entire country, specially rural areas at highly slashed prices.The idea of refurbished Laptop and Assembled PCs has generated some considerable heat among the buyers and sellers. Any idea that attracts users for its usability and application is always considered a better idea.

4thAmbit, formed in October 2013 by three engineers and old friends since their college days, is an institution based networking portal that facilitates people to connect to their classmates, seniors and super seniors that endorse each other and validate each other for skills and qualifications. 4thAmbit works as an agency which approaches various institutes and gather information about students and put them in their college based closed circuits which doesn’t collide or interfere with other “circuits”. The validations and endorsements provided are then put to recruiters notice. This startup began from a small location in Kerala has grown huge in size and has people, students pouring in from all types of institutes to support and validate their friends and get validated by their friends. This idea has proven to be a success story for three old friends and now enterprise partners. launched in October 2013 by Delhi based Kartik Saboo who was merely an undergraduate student when he attempted to make a difference for himself and the people he wanted to deal with. For the love of food and foodies around the city, Saboo decided to be an entrepreneur and startup a company that benefits the foodies with heavy discounts on the food items from across the city and various other cities. His venture that began as a ambitious project now earns him around a million rupees monthly. It required for him to convince restaurant, café, food joints owners to collaborate with him and help him generate more customers for the food joints. It hasn’t been easy for him but any idea that is unique and is worked upon creatively and judiciously always unfurls as a great one.

ReGlobe, is an e-commerce company that pays you a neat sum on parting from your used and old gadgets. From mobiles to laptops, every gadget is re usable and resalable. This is the idea behind ReGlobe, debuted in March 2013 by two friends Nakul Kumar and Mandeep Manocha. Their idea has transitioned very well from a consultancy to recycling company that uses used electronic gadgets and provides you a decent sum for your old products. All you need to do is just give them your gadget’s basic objective information and on its basis you get an amount that could not have been possible with it roaming around your cupboards without much use. The concept is unique in itself and has therefore, grown manifold only on the basis of the thought behind it.

Timesaverz, it is an on-demand home service providing company that provides you reliable, background checked and validated technicians for those little yet very annoying and important issues like plumbing, electricity repairing, pet grooming, carpentry, etc. Mumbai headquartered this startup company has been a beneficial turn for both, the initiators and the customers. It’s easy and accessible in two other metros, Pune and Bangalore.


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