Ideas are born technically from the mind but practically out of the imagination possessed by every human being. We all encounter some or the other self-appealing great ideas every now and then, but actually consists of a great idea is its selling prowess and commercial value. Unless an idea can be leveraged upon, no idea is a good idea. People who come up with great commercially viable ideas or useful ideas in any way and for the betterment of any segment of society at large are always well appreciated and mostly, heavily rewarded.

The concept of thinking ‘out of the box’ or ‘something different’ is itself so monotonous that it has begun to lose its effectiveness. Yet, we strive daily to come across better ideas. If they don’t happen to you naturally, why not try to twist the process and generate them? Let’s discuss some ways to generate better ideas:

Let Loose and Let It Be

The most important thing to remember is that when we try to over stretch an elastic medium, it tends to break. Similarly, if we try to over think, our mind also loses the capacity to elongate our thought process thus, causing lack of ideas. It is therefore, very important to loosen ourselves a bit from time to time.

Read More

Reading is a great habit. Develop it if you already aren’t an avid reader. It not only imparts thinking of other thinkers but also helps you sharpen your brain but also think aloud from it. Sometimes you won’t even realize what line, what phrase, what word, and what information has led you to collide with an excellent idea.

Always Write What You Think

This is not for your progeny, but for you to remember what you thought. It so happens that while you struck with an idea and by the time you get ready to apply it in all practicality, you forget what exactly was it that you thought of. Having what you thought written, in this case (which is mostly the case) proves really beneficial and that documentation can be used as a first hand copy of your thoughts.

Change Your Daily Track

Change is unanimously strange for everybody. Some take it pleasantly and some don’t. People who are rigid and do not encourage change, generally suffer at the hands of redundancy. Taking a different route to work once in a while, bringing in anything new in your daily routine or just subtracting any not so highly necessary activity in your day can bring about all the difference, thereby, increasing your chance to look things from different perspective and come up with ideas born from that change. It may not sound very effective but then, what’s the harm in trying?

Trying is the New Doing

Trying hands at new things, activities or eating something new, anything new for that matter can be a cause for a change and increases the chance of reaching motivational levels that create space for better ideas in your mind that had been feeling sluggish in processing information and generating new ideas.

Meet and Observe New People Outside Your Friend Zone

Seeing old faces, and listening to their same old stories, trials and tribulations in life can be very challenging to endure beyond a point. Meeting new people induces freshness and introduces you to versatility beyond compare. Visit new market places, sit inside a new café around the block, listen to latest music, attend seminars, etc. to stay in touch with what is happening around and observe them, their way of speaking, dressing, addressing others, eating, what they talk about and what is their perspective. In the middle of the interaction, you are most likely to find an idea, a perspective so precious and ingenious, it might become your new motive in life.


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