Licensing is a cumbersome issue for the licensor as it involves several latent and upfront questions that haunt the parties concerned. People are unanimously concerned about licensing, patenting and its conjectures. We have enlisted some of the most FAQs for you to facilitate you with first-hand queries that people are concerned with and you too should ponder upon before going ahead with licensing your product, if you are new to the field of enterprise and business.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about licensing and patenting-

Most basic ones are

  • What is a patent? How is it helpful for my idea?
  • How do I apply for a patent?
  • How to license my idea?
  • Does my invention require to be patented?
  • How to know if I need a patent for my invention or idea?
  • What does and what should a license cover?
  • What should be my terms and conditions for my “xyz” specific idea?
  • How much time it usual takes to license and process an idea?
  • How to accelerate the process of licensing?
  • Should I involve a third party for closure and finalizing of patenting and licensing my idea for commercial purposes?
  • How long does usually a third level security review take?
  • How to check on my pending patent status?
  • How much does it cost to get my idea patented?
  • How much should I demand as my share while licensing my idea?
  • Should I go for regular royalty or for a one time share for giving license for my idea?
  • Does an applicant have to file a petition for a license with a new patent application to obtain a foreign filing license?
  • What is a provisional application for a license?
  • What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a patent?
  • What roles do licensing and review play?
  • What does it mean that my application is being referred by L&R for 3rd party review?
  • How to do a background check of any patent?

Many more critical questions are asked by the people who are surrounded by ideas and plan to move ahead with them. These set of questions are some of the most concerning issues for the beginners in the field of licensing and patenting. Ideas are therefore, not sufficient until they are put in use and any benefit is drawn from them. However, Idearary facilitates its users with an extra helping hand apart from appreciating your ideas, by helping you get your ideas licensed. Idearary has designed the concept of  getting your ideas patented and licensed ergonomically. The steps involved are simple. You register yourself as an account holder in our website, post your ideas in the sections given, start posting as many ideas. The IDEAx team gives a feedback on your idea. If the feedback is positive then begins the process to license it or retail it on shopping cart. This is how simple it gets with IDEAx.


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