For those of you who love to use shortcuts of computer keys while typing and didn’t know, what you get when typed ctrl+shift+$. The result would be the new Rupee symbol in use since 2010 for the Indian Currency. It was a novel idea that changed the way Indians look at their currency notes and coins now. With more respect! The idea was struck after several attempts to come up with one single masterpiece that struck chords with the Indian Government for the final selection, by a simple man with an endearing vision, Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam. His idea had pushed aside 3000 other entries before the Cabinet to select an out of the box, awesome idea that has shaped the constituents of the Indian currency. The dynamic design and simple construction that was inspired by two of the most powerful language scripts in the world, Devnagri and Roman with blending of ‘Ra’ and ‘R’ letters and coming to a stupendous blended form of how the symbol stands today. The two parallel lines that are at the top and middle of the symbol represents a variety of Indian emotions of equality, patterns of Indian National flag, Tricolor and yet gain, the Shrio Rekha of Devnagri script, a unique feature of the Indian script. The sole purpose to create a design like this is to represent harmony and justice in the symbol at par with the majestic and hegemonic $, €, £, ¥, etc.

Let’s talk a little about the creator of this master piece. Udaya Kumar D. is a well known designer, an alumnus of IIT, Bombay, in PhD in design. Apart from this honorable achievement, he is also well know for other significant works that got him accoladed with heavy titles like  “Young Alum Achiever Award”, IIT Bombay, “Young Achiever Award”, St. John’s International Residential School, “Lifetime Achiever Award”, Lions Club International, Chennai. A graphic designer by profession, he is currently an assistant professor at IIT, Guwahati. Post his best and most remarkable creation in 2010, he has been contributing immensely to the field of graphic designing by involving in projects like books, brochures, identity design, posters, covers, information graphics, banners, illustrations, certificates, hoardings, etc.

The reason why this simple looking man became an interesting personality is because of his efficient use of his faculties to think, idealize and create something new, useful and very rational. Ideas are not a copyright of one single person unless he gets them licensed, patented in his name. We all possess similar faculties that need some thought churning activities and chemical reaction inside our brain that as a result, creates innovative products like the new Indian Rupee symbol. High on utility and basic with simplicity.  The sole point of this example is to stay inspired and keep creating exemplary works that contain the capacity to move the world with its high impact that the world remembers for a long time.


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