India has a history of producing great brains with great spirit. With centuries gone by in the development of this great nation, superb ideas have floated around and a lot of them have made high buzz with their success. Idearary supports passionate people with grit and courage to dream. IDEAx brings to you Forbes India listed great Indian minds working on great ideas that has helped India go the distance.


Krishna Palem

Krishna Palem is a computer scientist and engineer of Indian origin and is known for his advancement in devising a microchip consuming far less energy than its contenders in the industry and his famous solar powered notepad and iSLate are running successful in tests in India.His research has primarily focused on embedded computing, low-energy computing and also nano-electronics. The concept of “pruned” microchip technology is his brainchild.He has developed of what has come to be known as an “inexact hardware” which dramatically reduces power demands of microprocessors, heralding the next-generation processors. Surprisingly, the technology providing accurate results has a special room for making errors that makes the processor consume lesser energy while performing at its desired best. Surely a technology India is in dire need of.

Sangeeta Bhatia

Sangeeta Bhatia is a professor of health sciences and technology, and electrical engineering and computer sciences. She is currently working at the prestigious MIT. Her path-breaking research has included works on micro- and nano-technology to treat Cancer, which has been at an unexpected rise in India. Her ideas of collaborating tools of engineering, medicine and biology to treat diseases is synonymous to exemplary idea. Beyond her works in the field of cancer treatment, she has also been dedicatedly working on the problems associated with malaria and its eradication in the past. Her efforts are definitely not going in vain.

Chaitan Khosla

Chaitan Khosla, a professor of chemical engineering, chairing one of the most advanced and important institutes at Stanford University. He is known to have developed a treatment for celiac sprue, a disease that regularly affects several in India. Part from medical field, he has also worked significantly on biodiesel which is globally significant. His constructive and conducive collaboration of both chemistry and medicine has generated several path-breaking research.His idea of working collaboratively is as explosive in the field of comprehensive sciences that benefits mankind in more than just one way.

Vamsi Mootha

A professor at Harvard Medical School, Vamsi Mootha has worked on a correlations between type 2 diabetes and reduced mitochondrial activity inside a cell. Working on both these molecular activities that has been causing an epidemic in India, has initiated a niche edge for his work which is now in high demand. Mootha’s work has been revolving around genomics and systems biology that the advances he has made in the field of rare metabolic disorders and common diseases. He is touted as one of the most creative and analytical minds in his field, which is a rare combination to find.

With many more great Indian minds that have conquered the platform of success with their ideas, the list goes endless. In the same spirit, Idearary makes an appeal to the great minds thinking great ideas but not letting them come out of the closet, to make an effort to disclose their ideas without hesitation. We provide a platform where all you need to do is share your ideas. Because as they say, no idea is a bad idea.


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