Ideas are not dependent on your timelines or deadlines, they just click anywhere, anytime. But if your idea is capable of revenue generation, then 2017 is the year to do so. Take it as a challenge or a resolution for this year and go slam open those doors of self made opportunity and bring your ideas into the world of reality. Let us see some of the ideas that can be put to application this year for a kick start to your dream business.


Reasonable Tip– to go onboard with implementation of your ideas, it is required for you to have some entrepreneurial skills that are actually necessary to  run your business, even if it is a startup.

Technology implementation agency-

If you are deeply interested in anything or everything related to technology, establishing a tech implementation company is your thing. For consultations regarding tech calibrations or tweaking of things like, electronic gadgets, computers, games, etc. that you know how to crack open and make changes. You do not have to be another Tony Stark to run your empire, just have a technology triggered mindset and a small unit to deal with your promotional and infrastructural requirements. You are then good to go. There is large demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computing technology in trend and the ones working on big data analytics. Find a few friends who might be having a similar streak in mind or can support you in achieving your objective (even if you don’t, no need to dishearten).  Apart from this, you can also enterprise in a joint venture with big companies who are always on a look out for tech gurus who can associate with them in their multilevel projects.

Copywriting freelancer-

Writing is in great demand now. This is the time for you to show your potential in the field of structured and professional writing abilities. Copywriting as freelance is an amazing idea that has proven itself of high value with lucrative options concerning the financial aspect of it. Advertisements, books, blogs, articles, etc. are textual and visual content that surrounds the creativity of a writer. While making copywriting your professional and full time gig, make sure you are able to finish all the deliverable in time and there is always a scope for editing and other improvements regarding the same.

Social Media consultancy-

Both small and large companies are on a look out for social media presence and someone who is  capable managing their SEO requirements. It can be pretty tricky to manage a company’s branding and  imaging responsibilities on social media platforms while going beyond Facebook and Twitter. If you are capacitated with communicating with people online and can give simple content some high exposure and make it sellable, you are the perfect person to manage social media consultancy.

Multicultural marketing professional-

If you are an expert on marketing beyond the regular peripheries of business marketing, companies will approach you quickly, as they still do not know how to leverage the marketing capabilities. Big companies look incessantly for outsourcing their marketing requirements through people and companies who know how to communicate with minorities. Possible customer base including shoppers, and other consumers at various levels that may be from the left out demographics are the ones that should be roped in to expand the customer base. If this is exactly what you like doing, then multicultural marketing is your what you should think about in terms of a business opportunity.

Many more such ideas doing rounds in your mind can prove to be highly lucrative if put in action. All you need to do is, take them seriously and you shall be able to do wonders for yourself in the year 2017. Gearing up already?


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