Have been thinking enough of making efforts for that long pending dream of making your own film?

Well, now is the time. With the advent of digital media and social media, creative efforts like short films have become quite easy to attempt. Making a short film is as creative and as making a long length feature film. Much has been said about filmmaking as a lengthy process and a huge project on the search engines. It’s time we discuss the possibility of learning filmmaking with our own efforts through making short films.This idea has been gaining momentum across the world and Idearary therefore, see it as the right time to help you make one of yours.


Let us figure out ideas for the beginners to create and conceptualize their initial short films-

Pen down your ideas as often as you can

No story can be presented in the absence of a script. Having said that, you first need to begin noting your thoughts, ideas, stories that come to your mind, on regular basis. Developing your story with all its modalities, i.e. characters’ interplay with each other, dramatic arc- head and tail of the story, the meaning you want to convey, etc. are necessary elements to begin with. Having them written as and whenever you strike a better idea, is an effective way to shape your story.

The story could be about the things you know

You should begin writing by compiling things that you know, write about the interesting things you just learnt. It could be something as simple as your life with your old pet, your journey from that cheap rack market to purchasing your first banded shoes, anything that is closer to life and can interest viewers.

Research and watch other’s efforts

Developing your short film requires more than just a camcorder and editing software. The pre-production needs to have a background and short division in place.Researching on the topic of your choice and taking inspiration from the other presentations available online in abundance, is a smart approach to shape your first few projects.

There are no first perfects always

Do not hesitate in making the story of the film, your way. You do not have to get it right in the very first time. Make a few smaller ones to have them tested on your viewers. Note down responses and incorporate them in the next project, before you make the next one,yours best one.

Try flipping great ideas

You love a story you just read or saw a movie on? Well, try to invert the characters and see how you will get a different perspective on the same story that inspired you to write one yourself. It will also work as an immensely effective mental exercise to develop better ideas.But in the process do not ignore the fact that keeping it simple, less dramatic for short films, as they often don’t need it, from a viewer’s point of view.

Miscellaneous are equally important

Other important aspects that amateur filmmakers pay less heed to are facets like budget, characters/cast, infrastructure like cameras, other equipment and editing desk, music, editorial cost (only if you don’t know how to do it), etc. They need to be treated with accommodative respect as they cause major issue while actual production.

You don’t need a film school to teach basics to get you started with your own small projects for short films. All you need to begin with is an Idea that can be worked upon, and work up on it! Do we see the next Nolan here…?


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