The entire concept that Idearary is based on is to get your ideas living a life of its own. We help you with getting your idea licensed for its progressive growth. Ideas are of no use if kept in a water tight container, preserved in your mind. You have to get them on the table and see it to believe it what your ideas are capable of. Most innovators do not know what to do with their ideas, how to go about licensing them. And a lot of them who reach the desk where their ideas can be appreciated, do not know how to present it in order to get them licensed. We bring to you some very important tips that will help you land a product licensing deal.


Understand how licensing will help your product-

Licensing will help your product get its own validated identity and makes it easier for you to either begin with an entrepreneurial venture based on the idea or the product, or can help you fetch a good deal with a company having all the resources to process your product or the idea. Depending on your plans for the future of the product, you can utilize available opportunities.

Know your product up and down-

Be an expert in the field of your invention. If you are completely in sync with the product or the idea you place on the desk for licensing, it’s always an advantage. From the vantage point of getting a license successfully, you should also be in sync with the drawbacks or limitations of your product, unless you have reasons to call it perfect. People with licensing authority, like people who are aware of their product and are clear with its strengths and weaknesses, since the idea of getting its licensed is to use it for commercial purposes.

Know it like a pro, where would you like to market it-

Only conceiving a product idea or having a product in hand won’t really justify your need to have a license to the council. You are required to know, professionally how can the product be placed on the market and where do you plan to market the product. Having a clear knowledge of your target audience, target industries and clients is always assessed positively in your favor. Your confidence in the yourself and the product is also as important as it is to getting it licensed.

Having it patented before licensing is ideal-

Several big corporate companies do not entertain a licensing deal with a product that is not patented, only to avoid any protection hassles later on. It is therefore, advised to have your product patented before getting it licensed. For further information to get your product patented, visit It is also advised as a protection right that your product is protected with your engagement involved in it. Never have your product signed under any agreement without the approval of your attorney.

Always have a secondary plan –

A man with a plan is good, but a man with a secondary plan is even better. Having a back up option for every shortcoming of first plan is a good way to move up the corporate ladder and the same fundamentals are applicable to licensing products as well. If you are not sure about the primary process, you should be well secure with a secondary process that may or may not be safe, but will certainly land you with licensing of your product.

We ensure you a joyride with licensing your product deal with the above listed points and we also believe that luck favor those, who know it all and work hard. Your ideas in the form of both product and services are entitled to licensing, if it has potential to take the market by a storm and we offer help to let your live your dreams. As compared to our fellow product licensing agencies, we, at , offer our ‘Ideazens’ a much simpler model of executing licensing of their products, by simply allowing us to take care of the idea execution. All you need to do is just post your idea about the product on our website and we take it from there. Once our team assess your idea as affirmative to be taken further, thereon, we take complete responsibility from funding, to product development to logistics and taking care of its marketing and sales via our parent website shopping cart.

So have you started brainstorming already?!


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