Education has gradually become a commodity in India, but there are several thoughtful minds who think otherwise. They put their  efforts towards improving the state of affairs concerning education and maintaining the sanctity of the institution. Their contributions have been facilitating students in several ways in the setup of a startup that they run. Idearary love to take up the case of torchbearers of ideas that support nation building and hence, brings to you some education based startups in India that have made a mark, with a difference.


For the purpose of providing a window to the unending world of education and learning programs for those who do not have access to the knowledge bank, EduKart helps in providing a platform with a wide database of online and distance learning courses available which are specially affiliated to reputed universities and institutions. EduKart has developed some of them as well and with the purpose of making Indian education a flexible learning process than a profit making entity which pays lesser heed to the students all round development and more heed to their financial situation. EduKart has gained a name for its work and has established itself as a successful education facilitator. Founded by the alumni of the prestigious Stanford University and IIM, Ishan Guta and Mayank Gupta have dedicated their services to the field of education and are not to be stopped in their mission of a better educated India.


Unacademy takes note that education does not become a commercial domain and thus, offers free online education for those who have a learners streak in them. The company provides free online tutorials on websites like YouTube and have them presented by subject experts. Their aim is to solve every problem, every equation, every sum and every sentence a student may find difficult to crack. However, they do not encourage wrote learning or spoon feeding but only tutorial help that helps a student nurture his knowledge and skills. Roman Saini, one of the youngest person to have cleared the prestigious Civil Service Examinations in India, have open this company with a bunch of other highly intellectual and passionate youngsters to provide tutorial based help for students and seems to have been doing well in their field. Kudos to the team!

Dost Education

Mothers are the most neglected in the Indian cultural hierarchy. Before they become mothers, they are forced to play other roles, in which education does not fit anywhere as an essential part of life. Dost, is an organisation run by three UC Berkeley students that aims to bridge the gap between illiteracy and the underprivileged mothers in India. Those women who lack knowledge and resources to teach their children, Dost education provides them with affordable mobile platform education that deploys voice-based curriculum on the phone, and facilitates mothers to be better learned and informed to actively participate in their children’s education process.


Around five percent of students drop out of their education due to lack of financial backing. The NGOs that support students with financial funds, often do it in an unorganized way leading to yet again, disappointed child. Edudharma is a Chennai based startup that aims to bridge this gap between the interested students and the funding requirements by online crowd funding in an organized way from several entities like NGOs, corporate companies, individuals, etc to support students in their educational endeavors. They had reportedly raised more a million rupees in the first 100 days of their launch.

We appreciate the idea and the special efforts these young and dynamic entrepreneurs have been putting with their incessant efforts and dedication towards the betterment of the society while also encouraging others to keep brainstorming for better ideas in any field you wish to.



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