IDEAx is a medium for dreamers to become achievers. The platform became a live channel for the people who are active thinkers, who often fell short of means to give their ideas the wings they deserve. With the vision to encourage people to do beyond thinking, we began the ride. licensing and production is our specialty. We are a group of idea enthusiasts who appreciate people courageous enough to think beyond the usual and dare to share it with the world. As they say, you have to see it to believe it! We too,  believe in the ideas of our Ideazens and promote their ideas on higher platforms to get them validated and licensed.

Idearary is the subsidiary alignment we run along with IDEAx, which is the platter for the ideas that are actual food for thought. Through Idearary, we facilitate the people with Ideas to collaborate with us and share their ideas which will be kept safe. We retain your idea and if we see larger scope for its success, we then get them licensed for you. Companies are then approached for sales pitch and manufacturing.  We basically accept ideas to be sold in the special Idearary shopping cart. We work in collaboration with the large channel of distribution partners and marketing channels for the seller. We also have an exhaustive list of manufacturers from varying sectors that help execute the licensee’s idea for commercial purposes. We deliver what we promise and this is our assurance for your faith in us.

Idearary has seen a tremendous support from the Ideazens and their zestful ideas. We have been able to shape some really mesmerizing ideas in to reality and now have them onboard for sale. On the top on the shelf, we have a wide range of products ranging from lifestyle to home décor to health care products that we had licensed and are now ready to be sold. The one common factor that all the products boast of is their value for money. The products are available at special discounts for the interested customers  and are tailor made to fit your bill only at Idearary.

Following are the products that we have onboard:

  • Lifestyle and homecare
    • Flooring/Rugs
      • Furniture
      • Lamps
      • Fabric by the Yard
      • Cushion Covers
      • Table tops
  • Technology/Consumer Electronics
    • Dimensioning Pen
  • Health
    • Technology wearable like Stress Patch (to monitor your stress levels) and facilities for Menstrual pain relief.
  • Fashion
    • Indian and Western wear for the uber ethnic and modern look suitable for various occasions to add to your grace.

We accept ideas in design and pricing, kaizen in any existing usable. Association with us is very simple. Idearary allots royalty points. Once the product is purchased, the Ideazen will be promoted with stipulated points adding to their eventual benefit. The same concept is applied to all the categories of the products available.

We have many more in the process of coming onboard. Idearary cart is for one and all! Come, shop with us for that extra edge in your life with extraordinary ideas.


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