Measuring with accuracy can be tedious for solid figures like a table, a board, a wardrobe or a building. Sometimes we don’t even have an inching tape that performs correct measuring for us. Just imagine, just like all smart things, you had a smart magic wand that could measure for you with precise accuracy…

Indeed you find this as a great idea. Think no more, we have a magic wand that does just the same for you. Yes, a pen that measures areas for you! Excited much hunh?image

Idearary has facilitated the great idea of a Dimensioning Pen that goes the distance for you. The user has to synchronize it with the mobile based app to get the dimensions of the targeted area. It’s a smart pen for smart measurements. The IDEAx vision of helping the commoners realize the potential of their dreams by helping their ideas turn into reality, Idearary has extended their services to license the product and facilitated the manufacturing and now we all have the product live for sale, what we know as the ‘Dimensioning Pen’.

It’s simple and does measuring for all the surfaces you need. The Dimensioning Pen is a brain child of a team from Consumers Electronics Show aka CES, Las Vegas. Year 2017 has been a year of realization for them with their journey taking a flight from sharing their idea with Idearary and landing in the world of reality.

The application based dimensioning pen is available in both IOS and Android versions with five years app access. The capturing and labeling mechanism makes it terribly easy to measure any object and in all the dimensions. With battery life running up to 6 months and available @ easy starting price of 7,000 INR, the pen is worth the money.

The Dimensioning pen is available in three variants- Pen, Pencil and Stylus. The product is portable, mobile and user friendly. The dimensioning pen is one of its kind product that is available in the Indian markets today. Unique in several ways, it is designed to maximize your potential to work and find accuracy in detail driven task like measurements.


The Pen has higher utility for professionals like architects, interior designers, artists, fashion designers, 3D artists and many more professionals as well as other interested users. Idearary makes easy products easier for their buyers and so have kept an equally convenient refund policy of ‘within 30 days’. Adding to its easy policies, IDEAx has kept the product free of delivery charges.

The product is available for corporate tie ups and personalization as well. The manufacturing teams offers a signature inscription perk. However, the perk is available only on the 01 + Pen, but not to the 01Go’s variants. To submit a signature request, you can send your request to and mark the subject “personalized inscription “.

The chic look and trusted quality of the stylus, pen and pencil are sure to make your mind boggle and rush after purchasing your set, till the stocks last.


Shop this amazing product only @ and go the distance!


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