Your interiors are never complete without carpets, rugs or mats. No matter how small, big, bold or basic they are, they add finesse and grace to the composition of the room that is decorated. Minimalistic designs, abstract prints, geometric prints, etc are available in the market. But we, at Idearary offer some intrinsically emotional value to the designs we curate here.

You ask what’s up with rugs designs available at Idearary? We say, they are unique, in every way. The rugs made available with us are expertly hand-knotted smooth yarns artistically contrasted by a ground of textural, hand-spun wool. Made from Banana Silk, Wool and Viscose, they are available in several earthy hues, perfect to give the space traditional, yet contemporary Modern and Southwest styles.

Since they are handmade and creatively crafted, no two designs are identical, however, owing to its nature of hand spun, slight variations in color shades and size is applicable to the designs.


It is however, very interesting to note how rugs and carpets can be used to give definition to your rooms. We have collaborated some amazing ways to help you redesign the accent of your furniture while pairing them up with our special hand knotted rugs.

Adding the statement in your living room-

If your room already has a wall to wall carpeting, having a rug placed in the centre or placed as a run-along on the top of it is a great idea. You have a table lying in the centre or a couch placed in the side. Having the rug spread below it will give the furniture item will accentuate the appeal of the ensemble.


Place them in your hallway-

Smaller variants in the size of 2’x 3′ and 5’x 8′ are perfect for placements in the sections of hallway that leads to another open space. The rugs will obviously add elegance to its compositional structure. Rugs put up in the cross sections of two rooms work as separators and add tonality to the divided spaces. Not only that, but rugs laid just like that also, add style to the previously empty space.

Underneath and even on your dining table-

Rugs are cozy. Spread underneath your dining table can give your feet the warm feeling that one finds admirable while enjoying a warm meal. Walking barefoot on our super smooth viscose and banana silk rugs is an experience like never before. You can bring the drama by placing the rugs in a slightly tilted position on the dining table, when not in use as a decorating piece as well.


The Rugs are licensed products of one of Our Ideazens at IDEAx. They are manufactured in Bhadohi and Jaipur regions of India and made by local women there. The idea is not only to make bet quality rugs at affordable prices but also to create labour opportunities for talented women in specific and people in general from the villages of India.


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