Healthcare is an evolving industry that must never be taken for granted. Keeping this thought in mind, Idearary brings to you specialized healthcare products, offbeat in their approach to deal with health issues that depletes the human strength and becoming a matter of grave concern. The Idearary cart has been made available for adults who tend to live a life of stress and anxiety because of which they often fall for the worst kinds of disorders. Lief Stress Patch and Livia Skin menstrual pain reliever are few such products coming soon from the Idearary den.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.46.25 PM

The creative minds that put together their ideas as a compilation of benefiting products is what we facilitate at IDEAx. The Livia Skin is a menstrual pain relief revolutionary gadget designed for women and meant to provide comfortable and pain free menses. It is a high-tech solution that targets our sensory system and interjects the sensation of pain thereby, allowing ladies on their periods to work more freely and more confidently. The product is founded by Chen Nachum and Idearary supported the process from its licensing to its manufacturing and to making it available to our customers.

menses patch

Livia Skin is designed to switch off the menstrual cramps, it is a drug free, no side-effects product that works instantaneously in relieving pain for as long as it is there. The product is almost age-less as you buy it once and it can be used for several years. Idearary makes it highly affordable for the women who are interested in living a pain-free periods, for the rest of their lives. Livia Skins is a skin-friendly product and also comes in several attractive colors. The gadget is concealable underneath the clothes to provide you with comfort without hampering your style.

Idearary also makes the day interesting with another cutting edge technology with a touch of good health in the form of Lief Stress patch. The patch is a gadget that goes underneath your clothes and is attachable to your skin and operates on you with a single touch that calms your senses down and fights stress levels. The product is a therapeutic gadget, designed to provide comfort and relaxation to your stressed senses that affect your work performance adversely.


Idearary aims at creating a superior platform for its users, customers and Ideazens to put together their creativity that benefits all in general and share their ideas with us. We back their striking ideas by licensing them and making them an investable opportunity on a commercial scale.

Reiterating the fact that the Ideazens, whose ideas get purchased by companies as a launch-pad or the general users purchasing their idea based products, will get royalty points that will be added to their Idearary accounts along with future benefits. We are open to all sorts of possibilities and support your dreams and help them make a reality.

We are coming soon with a variety of healthcare wearable technology and invite you to try the new range of Idearary healthcare products, ideal for gifting and for personal use, highly affordable with easy maintenance and are available at pocket friendly prices.


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