Urban India has developed over the years in so many ways, culture, education, lifestyle and so much more. But one area where it has only deteriorated is the environment. The ecology of urban areas in India has not only been neglected with humongous influx of vehicles every day, but the condition is so grave that metropolitan cities like Delhi and Pune are rated as one of the most polluted cities of the world. According to the recent pollution index by cities statistic of 2017, Delhi NCR reportedly has crossed 95 points on the index standing at the fourth position  on the list of cities with the maximum pollution.

IDEAx believes that we as inhabitants of this land have some duties to curb the situation. Which is why, we have collaborated with the Ideazens, a designers’ team from Guangdong, to create a better air purification system, Xdoor Mini Fan with Lamp. This integrated device is a combination of an air purifier designed in a way that also serves the purpose of a lamp.


Breathing pure like never before

Xdoor Mini Fan is designed as an air purifier and table lamp in one. The dual-functionality allows a you to not only enjoy the most purified air within your indoor surroundings but also allows you to enjoy that favorite book of yours. Multi-functional Xdoor device is also awesome as they it provides two modes, for air purification as well as for light. It will freshen up your room with its multi-purpose and unique design.

Xdoor, airing your room like a bladeless fan

One of the many qualities of Xdoor is not only its multi-functionality but also the fact that it works magic with running on the same principle as a bladeless fan. It offers you two main modes for air purification- silent purification and Fast purification. In silent purification mode, its volume is less than 40 decibels. While in fast purification mode, the volume of air processed is up to 50 m³/h.


Air purification made simple

Xdoor air purification system primarily runs on the concept of “negative ions + three-layer filter”. This filter contains a cold catalyst, activated carbon and a HEPA high-efficiency filter. The best air filters of the world also run on the same technology. Xdoor puts the same technology in the smaller device which is so unique in its design, shape and facilities that you will be compelled to own one. It’s a n air filter with a lamp.


Lighting with a difference

Apart from other graceful components of Xdoor, its gentle and soft light of fluorescent lamp and atmosphere light is a plus sign for your household. It will not flicker and barely generate any heat. Its bright light has a color temperature of either 2800 or 4000K. All of it can be managed with just a push of a button. It can’t get simpler than this.


Idearary, like always has encouraged life simplifying ideas. Xdoor has been one of them. The journey has been a ride to remember, working with excellent thinkers from Guangdong was an exhilarating experience. Xdoor is a pocket-friendly device @ Rs. 3700 per piece + taxes and duty extra. This comes in with 1 year warranty. With free home delivery and no other surcharge, Xdoor is a must buy device this summers.


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