Ever been keen on adopting photography as a career? Well, now is the time. Orangemonkie in association with IDEAx has renovated their premium product Foldio 360 and have come up with Foldio2. Foldio2 is a superb portable studio meant to ease the process of photography involving three point lighting system in one compact and highly useful combination. The product is utility-centric aimed for DSLR /Smartphone photography.


Be a photography pro with Foldio2-

Foldio2 (Foldio2 + Studio) is the world’s first all-in-one portable studio. It allows anybody with a smartphone or camera to take studio-quality pictures easily. Three point lighting includes the key light, fill light and the back light. The LED lighting system is placed throughout the expanse of the product providing the most accurate lighting meant for product photography.  With all the provisions for perfect product photography, even with a smartphone, anyone can take pictures with Foldio2 and be a pro.


Easy shooting in a Foldable and portable Foldio2-

Orangemonkie has developed the product keeping in mind the various possibilities that can be achieved with a better design and more space than the previous version. The new-improved Foldio2 has a great design making for great use. Foldio2 is designed as a simple foldable magnetic structure which allows everyone to set up the studio quickly and easily. A handle makes Foldio2 conveniently portable. The Foldio2 is 15″ bigger and brighter than its predecessor Foldio.


Great features come in small packages-


  • Powerful LED-light strip with built-in dimmer

The Foldio2 LED light strip is much more powerful than most LED strips. The accustoming to this small yet powerhouse performer is going to be a joy-ride for you. There is also a built-in dimmer device will help you control the brightness according to your needs. Apart from this, the product also comes with and without diffuser to give your images better shadows and higher definition.

  • Simple but powerful Foldio app-

The product comes with a supplementing Foldio app. Created to assist and improve your photographs in several ways. It also comes with a chroma key function to create great pictures with easy adjustment for the brightness and a simple way to change the color temperature. For now, the app is available for iOS devices. Although an Android version will be is also in the pipeline by the makers.

  • The Orangemonkie belief-

The makers are a collaborative team of engineers and designers from the US and Korea. The motto of their work is to create and deliver products that are “Simple yet Useful”. The team has a firm belief that with Foldio and its range of products, you can experience a new level of possibilities in smartphone photography. More heed is paid here to smartphones as due to enhanced technology, they also deliver equally mesmerizing image quality.

Foldio2 is a revolutionary product that comes in various sizes and varieties, each of them have their advantages. You only get to know it once you personally use it.

Foldio2- Set. Shoot. Repeat.

It doesn’t get easier than this.


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