Driving safe in the hustle bustle of Indian roads can be extremely challenging for the drivers and riders sometimes. Yes, we all have been there. It can be a nuisance. According to a survey held in 2016, every day around 400 deaths are reported in India due to road accidents including bad driving. Idearary believes that every life is precious, just like every idea is. Hence, IDEAx in association with its Ideazens have come up with a new product in to justify your life and your car’s life on Indian roads with a superior analysis capable device called Carnot. It is an app based smart car device that is installed in your car once along with its analyzing app allows you to monitor the condition of your vehicle and whereabouts your car.

The Carnot device is a pan India roadside assistance mechanism that informs you about its real-time GPS location and also alarms you in odd or emergency situations like towing incident, any accident, or any such uncalled-for situation.



How does Carnot Work?

Carnot runs on the dashboard of the Carnot mobile app displaying all the device generated information as you drive or even when you are at home, at office and even while you are on a vacation. The smart device connects with your cars sensors through the on-board-diagnostics (OBD) port. It then analyses data it receives from the car allowing you to monitor it through the app, wherever you are.

The real-time information imparting mechanism is the ideal feature of the entire concept of Carnot which makes it ideal for urban drivers especially in the metropolitan areas in India. The device is created keeping in mind the cars manufactured post 2008. The design is in compliance with the vehicular diagnostics of post 2008 car designs.


Why is it addictive for prudent drivers of today’s generation?

Most of the young drivers are available on internet and run app based mobile life. Driving is a huge necessity for them today, exactly the reason why Carnot is an important deal. The smart car device is a viable option for car owners even from foreign locales. The device send you SOS alerts to you, your emergency contacts in case of an accident, rash driving, etc. and lets you drive in peace with alerts like check engine, low battery notifications and the over-all health of your car at just a tap of a touch button. The app also automatically logs all the trip data on your phone and also provides you with smart driving suggestions to improve the way you drive. The device costs 7000 INR with one year replacement warranty on manufacturing defects. The subscription post one year free subscription will cost 900 INR. It is also 100% refundable on booking price. This easy yet smart way allows you to drive fuel efficiently, drive safer and smarter with its impeccable information accuracy to match your driving style.

With its 24×7 roadside assistance, being stranded on the road is truly the thing of the past!


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