Not Life, But Good Life is to be Chiefly Valued. ~ Socrates

Idearary has always aimed to make Socrates proud. This time with a wide variety of products that are made available to make life simpler. Besides encouraging Ideas to change life, Idearary supports the cause of licensing the ideas to show them the light of the day. Those ideas have been executed with panache and are now available for you to purchase, experience and appreciate the great brains behind them. At Idearary, we let you have the best of both worlds with an extensive variety of products that are sure to make your life better. So Let’s Explore!

IDEAx presents to you a product library in various categories to change the way you live your life:


  • Dimensioning Pen– A magic wand for the designers, architects and creators of everything great. The area measuring dimensioning pen is a boon for easy and accurate measuring of small or bigger areas that is easily and precisely recorded by the app supported pen. This enhances the accuracy in measurements for professionals like architects, designers, developers, etc.


  • Carnot roadside pan India assistance– It’s your perfect driving assistant. A pan India Roadside assistance gadget with an app that supports you with proper navigation of your vehicle. Guides you on your way to a successful journey. Alerts you with malignancies, accurate location and condition of your vehicle, along with alerts for emergency situations. All you need to do is, install it and freely know the status of your car, from wherever you are. Isn’t that great!


  • LEVIT 8– An ergonomic, flexible, dynamic and portable table that is ideal for office purposes. It is capacitated with holding things thrice its weight with so much ease that it is a must have.


  • Aura VR GO– For the love of gaming and virtual reality, Aura VR GO is the ultimate gadget to behold. With features like none other, Aura VR GO is the best-in-class virtual reality medium to enjoy those gaming nights.


  • Foldio2– The amazing Foldio2 is a photography companion for the love of professional product photography and much more even with your smartphone. It can also be paired with a rotatable disk making it Foldio2+Studio. Three Point Lighting? Sorted!


  • Powercube– As they say, great things come in small packages. A multi socket power supply point which also reduces your wire entangling hassles, is the best gift to yourself, family and friends.



  • Livia Skins– Hello women! No more suffering from the menstrual cramps with Livia Skins, that works on the brain’ pain sensing areas to eliminate the pain points during your menses and provides you with a pain-free and happy period. Perfect gift for your female friends and companions!


  • Lief Stress Patch– Stress is a part of life now that needs total eradication. With a simple gadget like Lief, this is exactly what we aim to achieve.


Home décor and Home Care

  • Floor Rugs– Specially handcrafted in the heartland of India, these hand knotted rugs are sure to redesign your home and add the traditional yet modern flavor to it.


  • Furniture designs from Bent Chair and Cushions– Home décor with chic designs to enhance the modern and trendy look of your living room and bed room is the sole purpose of the exquisite designs from Bent Chair products.


  • Fabric by Yard– Exclusive fabrics that are multi-purpose and designer is the definition of Fabric by Yard. Own them now!


  • Xdoor Mini Lamp and Fan– Perfect little lamp designed with an air purifier to provide you the best of air for a healthy life. Reading that book with your hot coffee in the most fresh air is that easy now.


  • Heng Lamp– It’s a lamp with a difference. Easy switching mechanism and classy design makes this a hassle-free product for your home and for gifting purposes as well.



  • Benarsi Dupattas– Dupattas are the definition of fashion in India. They add statement to your dressing style, colors and grace to your wardrobe and ensemble. Try these to feel beauty and fashion like never before.


  • DAX Wallet– It’s a smart wallet with cascading tabs to manage all your important financial cards and ids in one place with ease.


All the products are easily available at Idearary with specialized prices and easy terms and conditions.


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