Home Décor has always been an affair so grand for people around the world, that people even make special trips to the remotest corners in search of the exquisite choices for decor pieces and ideas to embellish and design their dwellings. Like other fashions, home furnishings and decoration has also experienced a 360° shift in all the furnishing fronts, from look, designs to material. From mid-century to the present, home décor approaches have gone through Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and contemporary movements in a significant departure from Victorian styles reserved for the elite.

Furniture designers have always only been addressing the growing needs of the consumers greedy for the most exclusive designs. Bent Chair, the urban furniture proprietors serve the greed very well with their astonishingly extravagant designs with extra elite and premium look, but made available at easy affordability.


Furniture resonating the awe of grand yet chic décor.

The millennial age has fresh needs of aesthetic engagement. And that is the bend the Bent Chair team is following. From design innovation and re-interpretation to material selection, our focus is to bring to you affordable luxury with a universal appeal. Bent Chair furniture designs are crafted keeping poise and grandeur both in one piece to emanate excellence in the craftwork while the second objective is to make them easy on their price range for better consumer relations.

Designs so amazing and bespoke!

Bent Chair offers a massive variety of trending and classy furniture pieces and cushions, furnishing linens, decorative items meant to embellish your house in the plushest ways. Chairs and Cushions and covers are available in a myriad variety from old, traditional to modern, liberal and post modern designs. All the latest and most impressive variety can be found here.

Utility blended perfectly with luxury…

Bent Chair offers luxury designs and concept based furniture designs and cushions that are not just luxurious but solve the very purpose of it. Bent Chair solves the fact-of-the-matter furniture requirement with utility quotient doing perfect justice to the entire ensemble and does it as reasonably as any other competitive brand. The USP is the provision of not just being simple, sober and sophisticated but also adding style that is affordable and made available at your door step.

You want comfort and premier product laminated together? Bent Chair is your destination!

With an easy starting price range of 10,000 INR for the Chairs and 1499 INR for the cushions, Bent Chair offers you the ultimately satiating designs combining glamour and efficacy for the modern man with high affordability. Available at easy EMI facility and free home delivery across India, Bent Chair offers its people the reason to rest and enjoy their best!

The kickass idea and concept of luxury blended with utility is an idea supported and powered by IDEAx in association with Bent Chair. Leading the fashion marquee offered by Bent Chair, we, at Idearary try to simplify lives with the cool shots of products that let you not just live your life but also enhance the quality of the same.












































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