There is no one like the Mother. Our silent partner in almost everything. She loves us day in and day out. Even her anger is loaded with love. Idearary celebrates the essence, the warmth and quality loaded value add in our lives in the form of our Mothers and salutes Motherhood with our arms wide open and an awesome product library to bring a smile to the faces meant the most to us, obviously, the chart topper, our Moms!

Following is a list of amazing and sensitively hand-picked items for you to gift to the first most special woman in your life, you mother and even other women who are proud mothers and help them appreciate themselves in the most special ways:


Change the home decor norms in style with Bent Chair- Mother’s Day special treat-

First thing first. Let’s have a look at the best mother’s day special product. Bent Chair offering the very special magnum opus to commemorate the blessing that Mothers are. Providing a large variety of furniture and furnishing options to chose from and suite your mom’s style. Breathtaking art in your home with Bent Chair Furniture and Cushions and many more exciting home decor products that enrich your living rooms, bedrooms and your home along with winning your mom’s heart the Idearary way.

Diamonds are boring. Hence, Liraa’s Dupattas!

The exclusively designed, always top on fashion, spell-bounding Silk Benarsi Dupatta from Liraa are a sure shot way to win the heart of any woman. and who woman better than your mom, especially on Mother’s Day! The Benarsi silk dupattas are the best way to drape in style and traditions for the woman of yesteryears, today and even tomorrow. Available in several color and design options, the Dupatta variety comes in great value for money and the Idearary confidence in quality. Available @ 9000 INR and free shipping all over India.

Livia Skin- the ultimate menses cramp relieving gadget!

For the young women and the ones menstruating in their relatively older ages, Livia Skin is a powerful and just the best gadget to get rid of the monthly and sometimes unbearable abdomen pain caused by menstrual cramps. A revolutionary product that allows the women on their period to feel relaxed as far as the pain is concerned and enjoy the regular life that seems stuck and jerked during the heavy days. Available in many colors, Livia Skin is a skin friendly technology based tool to help your mother breathe free and enjoy a painless hormonal change.

Lief Stress Patch- Mother’s love in, her stress out!

Stress is a major threat to lives today. most of us are burdened with work-life imbalance and are therefore, targeted by stress. Working women, homemakers, mothers too are not bereft of stress. They too need to feel relaxed, keep calm to manage home and work simultaneously, which is why, Lief Stress Patch is the remedy. A revolutionary gadget that gages your stress levels and calms you down. Its concealing properties allows you to wear it under your clothes so comfortably that all you can feel is a normal self and enjoy every little moment of your life. Your mom needs it too buddy!

Some more products to grace the occasion for your Mom this Mother’s Day-

The super balancing act performed with Heng Lamps, making it easier for her to switch it on and off without disturbing her coffee or tea. Xdoor Mini fan and lamp, because, why Not! Mothers too deserve to stay in the purest of air and enjoy her little power breaks.

Idearary has always been associated with life changing and quality enhancing products and are proud of the Mothers around and everywhere!


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