Virtual Reality has just taken the front seat for modern gamers and gaming enthusiasts are all gung-ho about it. Virtual Reality is all about viewing and experiencing games and designs in a new dimension, although not multi-dimensional but offers a 360° surround view making it more realistic and feels like you are inside the game, playing it, living it. Hence, Virtual Reality.


IDEAx like always, in its support to the budding technology and the technologists beaming with entrepreneurial ideas have come together to unravel yet another hi-end technology based entertainment console, AuraVR GO. An extension to AuraVR, a virtual reality headset attachable to your mobile sets and lets you experience a world of veritable immersive virtual experience.


AuraVR GO is especially designed to perform impeccable surround 360° view for enhanced realism inside a simple yet creative gadget. AuraVR Go is a brand new VR headset from AuraVR, the proud pioneers of VR in India. The unique design and features of AuraVR Go makes it class apart from the horde of VR headsets in the market. Using this design patented cool VR gadget the user is in for a treat of highly immersive videos, virtual tours, 3D movies and play virtual reality games on their smartphones, redefining your virtual reality experience.

Features that make you go crazy for AuraVR GO!


AuraVR Go is a wonderful blend of aesthetics and technology, upholding the principles of ergonomics in its every step of manufacturing. Built-in touch button helps in interactive input & click.

  • Supported by a 3 way adjustable head-strap it lets you experience VR in more comfortable way.
  • Bigger 42 MM resin lenses with focal length adjustment according to one’s face contour and eye sight enhances the viewing experience.
  • Weighing mere 148 grams, AuraVR is the lightest VR headset in its class enabling all VR enthusiasts, from a young child to an adult, enjoy the experience.
  • The T-shaped head-strap is extremely comfortable to wear as it’s evenly spreads around your head.
  • The silicon studs hold the mobile phone firmly in place and prevents any scuff mark on screen.
  • The cushion around eyes is especially made to avoid sweat around the eye area. Also, it does not let external light enter the FOV.
  • The open case design lets you switch your experience from virtual reality (VR) to augmented reality (AR) mode in no time.

AuraVR GO lets you unearth unimaginable possibilities!


Virtual reality isn’t only a view-master for gaming. It’s an entirely new medium and concept whose worth is slowly being realized. Here are a few of the ways VR can be used:

  • It can be used to view 3-D designs, explore the space in virtual reality, 3-D gaming, 360 degree videos, virtual reality applications. It has maximum usage in entertainment industry with incorporation in live-streamed concerts and theatrical experiences.
  • Ideal option for artists and designers building from homes and towers to couture in 3D to realize the true dynamics of the design and the structure.
  • VR can play a positive role in Education and various science fields like medicine, chemistry, physics and astronomy, modeling the anatomy in incredible ways. VR simulations will one day hopefully offer practice runs at techniques, designs and ideas.
  • Tourism shall not lie far behind. Exploratory services can well be served with VR gadgets.

With a World of immense possibilities and probabilities, AuraVR GO is one of the latest and a huge hit amongst the new generation of techies and enthusiasts. Idearary offers this amazing gadget at a very convenient price of 949 INR per kit. Available at 15 days replacement warranty against manufacturing defect with easy availability only at Idearary.


Let’s hit it. Let’s AuraVR GO!


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