Exclusive Living Should Be Your Thing.

Because Why Not!

We all deserve the best chance at life. Living with grace and oomph is what luxury living is all about. IDEAx brings to you a plethora of technology savvy products that are tailor-made to jazz up your life to ease up your daily living.

Technology That Surrounds Life

Exclusive technology based products that add “easiness” to your life. Let’s check ’em out:

We love technology! Which is why we have an amazing list of products that 21st Gen techies would love to own.

Dimensioning Pen– This amazing device allows you to take accurate dimensions of the inanimate things  making it an ideal device for designers, architects, engineers. etc to work with precision. Available at value for money deal at just 10,000 INR and free shipping across the world. Available in Pen style only.  

Heng Balance Lamp – Tired of switching on and off your table the lamp in the middle of the night? Think no more. Heng Balance Lamp is the perfect and most convenient lighting solution. The Magnetic balls holding together in the mid air is the USP of this amazing lamp. Available only at 3999 INR with free shipping all over the world. It also comes in various colors and shapes and of course with 2 years warranty.

Foldio 2 +Studio– The perfect and most portable solution for the love of photography. For the ultimate studio lit product photography, Foldio 2 comes with the most compact, latest and best features. Available at Idearary with best offers available.   

Levit8– A complete hassle-free and compact office stationery that helps your laptop, books, etc levitate and allow you a comfortable working. capacitated with holding ability of thrice its weight products, Levit8 is a true office support. Available at a starting price of 1800INR, it comes in three different sizes. Free shipping all over India.

Powercube– No more messy chords, no more irritating multiple wires entangled in confusing extensions. Powercube is the cuboid with five sided sockets that help you stay untangled while in office or in the kitchen. Available in two variations, Power cube original at 1500 INR and Powercube USB at 2500 INR, with  free shipping in India only.

Carnot- The one-stop-shop device for your cars to be under your radar always. From anywhere and anytime, Carnot (with app) allows you to monitor your vehicle and its exact location along with other issues related to its maintenance are always updated to you so that you never have a car breakdown in the middle of the road. Available at a 7000 INR with one year replacement warranty.   

AuraVR GO– Want to experience reality in the virtual medium? Idearary brings to you the most amazing ever Virtual Reality gadget, AuraVR GO. Where your imagination takes are major turn and you find yourself present in a virtually powerful world of animated life, AuraVR GO is a mesmerizing gadget that comes in easy price of 949 INR with free shipping all over India. Own it to believe it!

Xdoor Mini fan and table lamp– Just imagine, a compact structured, amazing looking air purifier that works like a bladeless fan. And to top it all, it also provides cool light like a  table lamp…Out of this world, right? No, it’s pretty much available here in India. Xdoor Mini fan and table lamp is all that you just read. Available at only 3700 INR with free shipping across India.

IDEAx has mastered the techniques to keep its Ideazens, its buyers and readers happy!

To know more about the rest of the products from various categories, checkout our website and follow us at Facebook.

See you there!     


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