Hello smart people!

Smart living is the ideal way to live and it gets smarter with products that you purchase for regular use. Budgeted products are great to purchase and use. Idearary brings you a list of awesome products that are smart designs made for a better living and are too darn under your cost-effective. Revealing a list of absolutely amazing products that are under INR 5000 range and super useful. Here We Go!

Heng Balance Lamp


Starting at INR 2999 only


It’s the balancing act of magnetic balls holding the electricity in its place that makes using Heng Balance Lamp the interesting way to light up the corners of your room. The unique switching mechanism makes Heng Balance Lamp worth the price and worth the purchase. It comes in many variants. From wooden product to wood coated looks available in several colors. Easily available at Idearary with no hidden costs and free home delivery all over India.


Power Cube and Power Cube USB


Starting at INR 799 for Original and INR 1199 for Powercube USB variant


You often get in major trouble with tangled wires of your laptop with perhaps some other electrical equipment or even your mobile phone charger. Idearary has the perfect solution for it. Presenting the Power Cube! It is a 5 in 1 cuboids’ shape electricity supply charge solution which gives you a hassle-free charging experience of without messy cords. Available in two different variants- Power cube Original and Power Cube USB at free shipping all over India. Go grab your piece!




Starting at INR 1800


Tired of keeping hands at a wrong position? Worry no more. Levit8 is the solution for all your tired typing schedules. It is a levitating table made of highly resistant material that allows you to keep it safe and folded compactly for better usage. Interestingly it can carry up to three times its own weight and allow you to keep stuff as heavy as you laptop, camera, coffee mugs, etc.

It is easy available at Idearary with free shipping all over India.


Dax Wallet


Starting at INR 800


DAX Wallet is an uber cool product keeping all your important visiting cards and money cards safe in one place. It’s almost like a magic trick up its sleeve. Made with finest material for a wallet, DAX Wallet is keeps your cards and important notes safe in one place and COMPACTLY at that. It is easily available at Idearary for easy price and with free shipping all around India.


Aura VR GO


Starting at INR 949 per Kit


When you get bored and have a Smartphone, you have no reason to not own this amazingly innovative piece of technology. Virtual Reality is gradually gaining momentum in Indian Markets as more and more people are taking huge interest in this new technology that is purely made to give you thrills and chills of kingdoms in 3D and much more. Get your value for money deal without further ado. AuraVR GO is available at best prices with free home delivery at Idearary.


Idearary loves to keep your smart Ideas active in the production circle and circulates the same to other smart people to motivate them to come up with better ideas that we then put in action.

We have an endless list of more amazing products from different price ranges that are set to make your life easier and more suave. Check out our website for more products and offers.


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