Sleep Smart with State of the Art Neuroon Sleep Master

Sleeping is our one favorite activity. Some people can sleep all day long without even flinching at the thought of it even for a second. Whereas, some people just can’t get to seep according to their wish and the crib about their sleep apnea like cranky little kids. Time to get over it! Just imagine you get to sleep like a child every time you sleep, have lucid dreams that take you to places but wake up at just the right time to avoid any jarring dream, also, if you could tap proportionate and power naps at a just the right time and could sleep for the right amount of time? This sounds like fun right?

Well folks, the above mentioned just got right with Neuroon! Idearary powered Neuroon is a breakthrough device in sleep science that allows you to sleep and wake up in the most ideal way and time. It’s a gadget for lifetime happiness. The product is called Neuroon Open. Let’s find out about it more:

What is Neuroon Open? Technological breakthrough in sleep science-

Neuroon Open is an open-source mask for advanced, real-time sleep measurement, smart home integrations, meditation and lucid dreaming! It detects your REM phase and helps you induce lucid dreams. And allows you to Wake up at the perfect moment with Neuroon Open smart wake-ups: pick the sleep phase, light and vibrations that suit you the best.

Neuroon is a wearable technology system that combines sleep tracking based on medical grade sensors and advanced software with a companion mobile application for your smart device. Using Bluetooth, the mask communicates with the app on both iOS and Android systems, transferring your biometric data and enabling you to access the full suite of six features.

Neuroon features: Sleep Enhancing Wearable-

Neuroon offers six key features that will help improve the quality of your life:

  • Sleep Analytics,
  • Jet Lag Blocker,
  • Personal Pause,
  • Biorhythm Adjuster,
  • Neuroon Sunrise and Light Boost
  • Napping Program

Quick Benefits:

  • Better sleep
  • Perfect wake up
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Wake up feeling energized

Neuroon App that powers the up your gadget-

Neuroon App allows you to set selected program and enjoy the full range of Neuroon features. You can have easy access to all your sleep data gathered by the sleep tracker throughout the night: biometrics, graphs, sleep staging and tips.


The meditation application can be used to get audio feedback based on your brain activity. It provides you with sessions summaries, and encourages you to practice on regular basis. Neuroon Open allows you to integrate your sleep data with IOT gadgets to allow you sleep at your best. The customized napping program tracks sleep and analyzes your sleep data and using algorithms makes recommendations for the best time to take a power nap. It also tips you on how to improve your sleep with the gadget’s feedback.

And guess what?

Neuroon Open enables you to program your own solutions and integrations for its working with its Powerful Sleep Analytics. It provides you with different wake-up options and helpful advice on how and when to get out of bed at the perfect moment so you feel energized all day.


Get your Neuroon Open at best prices and easy return options with free delivery only at Idearary.

Happy sleeping!


Smart Products under 5000 Range Powered by IDEAx to Ease-up Your Life

Hello smart people!

Smart living is the ideal way to live and it gets smarter with products that you purchase for regular use. Budgeted products are great to purchase and use. Idearary brings you a list of awesome products that are smart designs made for a better living and are too darn under your cost-effective. Revealing a list of absolutely amazing products that are under INR 5000 range and super useful. Here We Go!

Heng Balance Lamp


Starting at INR 2999 only


It’s the balancing act of magnetic balls holding the electricity in its place that makes using Heng Balance Lamp the interesting way to light up the corners of your room. The unique switching mechanism makes Heng Balance Lamp worth the price and worth the purchase. It comes in many variants. From wooden product to wood coated looks available in several colors. Easily available at Idearary with no hidden costs and free home delivery all over India.


Power Cube and Power Cube USB


Starting at INR 799 for Original and INR 1199 for Powercube USB variant


You often get in major trouble with tangled wires of your laptop with perhaps some other electrical equipment or even your mobile phone charger. Idearary has the perfect solution for it. Presenting the Power Cube! It is a 5 in 1 cuboids’ shape electricity supply charge solution which gives you a hassle-free charging experience of without messy cords. Available in two different variants- Power cube Original and Power Cube USB at free shipping all over India. Go grab your piece!




Starting at INR 1800


Tired of keeping hands at a wrong position? Worry no more. Levit8 is the solution for all your tired typing schedules. It is a levitating table made of highly resistant material that allows you to keep it safe and folded compactly for better usage. Interestingly it can carry up to three times its own weight and allow you to keep stuff as heavy as you laptop, camera, coffee mugs, etc.

It is easy available at Idearary with free shipping all over India.


Dax Wallet


Starting at INR 800


DAX Wallet is an uber cool product keeping all your important visiting cards and money cards safe in one place. It’s almost like a magic trick up its sleeve. Made with finest material for a wallet, DAX Wallet is keeps your cards and important notes safe in one place and COMPACTLY at that. It is easily available at Idearary for easy price and with free shipping all around India.


Aura VR GO


Starting at INR 949 per Kit


When you get bored and have a Smartphone, you have no reason to not own this amazingly innovative piece of technology. Virtual Reality is gradually gaining momentum in Indian Markets as more and more people are taking huge interest in this new technology that is purely made to give you thrills and chills of kingdoms in 3D and much more. Get your value for money deal without further ado. AuraVR GO is available at best prices with free home delivery at Idearary.


Idearary loves to keep your smart Ideas active in the production circle and circulates the same to other smart people to motivate them to come up with better ideas that we then put in action.

We have an endless list of more amazing products from different price ranges that are set to make your life easier and more suave. Check out our website for more products and offers.

Dude Products to Celebrate Father’s Day With IDEAx Products to Make Him Go WOW

A father doesn’t tell you that he loves you. He SHOWS you. ~ Demitri The Stoneheart

That is so true. How often we realize the value of how great and amazing our parents are? In tough times when no one but our parents standby us, we realize the importance of their presence and their worth. Father’s day is one such day to celebrate the spirit of fatherhood across the globe. Idearary brings to you products so awesome from its product gallery to gift to your father this Father’s Day and give him the dose of his own medicine, the umpteen yet secret love he has for you that he shows from time to time. The products are easily available at our website and at amazing prices, like nowhere else. Yes that’s right! Here it goes-

Lief stress Patch– Life’ a mess, we all know that. Even at that age, and that much experience dads too get stressed. Reason could be home, business, funds, job, you, yes you! Lief Stress patch relieves the stressed body as it calms the body leaving it de-stressed. An ideal gift option for the fathers who too deserve a stress-free life.


Dimensioning Pen– If your dad is an architect, an artist, a designer or even someone who just loves to create something that needs measuring the objects. Dimensioning Pen is a great offer for you to present your dad with. The Dimensioning pen powered by Idearary is an amazing little gadget that measures objects in an app based UI, with immense accuracy. Available in pen style, the gadget is worth the money.


DAX Wallet– Want to help our dad upgrade to a more sophisticated wallet that houses all his important cards, money in a stylish way? DAX Wallet is the answer. It is world’s first cascading pull tab wallet that holds all your essential cards in one place. It’s a wallet with slider option up its sleeve holding a lot of stuff while acquiring less of space. Available at best prices only at Idearary.


Carnot Device– Sacred of your dad sitting beside you while you drive the car? We all are. Ain’t that right? From the next speed breaker to the exact location, Carnot Device keeps you updated with all the track records and navigation details for your car, informs you about your car’s real time location, if its towed, or if has demands any kind of internal repair. It’s a tell-all-about-your-car device helping you to drive efficiently with or without your dad sitting next to you as you drive. Also, this is an important item to gift you dad this Father’s Day because, sometimes he too needs a check on him.


AuraVR GO– Let your father too upgrade his mobile utility aka Smartphone utility with gaming taken to another level with AuraVR GO. A high quality and high reliability virtual reality gaming device. All you need is a Smartphone that helps your father uplift his mood instantly and enjoy his Smartphone and use it to the best of its abilities. Available at best prices only at Idearary.


Reciprocate the love you father has with ideas well suited to his personality and style. Idearary ensures that you get what you see from Idearary. shop now for the bets in your budget gift items at easy purchasing and return policies. Te

IDEAx Technology Based Product Bouquet for the Sorted Living in the 21st Century

Exclusive Living Should Be Your Thing.

Because Why Not!

We all deserve the best chance at life. Living with grace and oomph is what luxury living is all about. IDEAx brings to you a plethora of technology savvy products that are tailor-made to jazz up your life to ease up your daily living.

Technology That Surrounds Life

Exclusive technology based products that add “easiness” to your life. Let’s check ’em out:

We love technology! Which is why we have an amazing list of products that 21st Gen techies would love to own.

Dimensioning Pen– This amazing device allows you to take accurate dimensions of the inanimate things  making it an ideal device for designers, architects, engineers. etc to work with precision. Available at value for money deal at just 10,000 INR and free shipping across the world. Available in Pen style only.  

Heng Balance Lamp – Tired of switching on and off your table the lamp in the middle of the night? Think no more. Heng Balance Lamp is the perfect and most convenient lighting solution. The Magnetic balls holding together in the mid air is the USP of this amazing lamp. Available only at 3999 INR with free shipping all over the world. It also comes in various colors and shapes and of course with 2 years warranty.

Foldio 2 +Studio– The perfect and most portable solution for the love of photography. For the ultimate studio lit product photography, Foldio 2 comes with the most compact, latest and best features. Available at Idearary with best offers available.   

Levit8– A complete hassle-free and compact office stationery that helps your laptop, books, etc levitate and allow you a comfortable working. capacitated with holding ability of thrice its weight products, Levit8 is a true office support. Available at a starting price of 1800INR, it comes in three different sizes. Free shipping all over India.

Powercube– No more messy chords, no more irritating multiple wires entangled in confusing extensions. Powercube is the cuboid with five sided sockets that help you stay untangled while in office or in the kitchen. Available in two variations, Power cube original at 1500 INR and Powercube USB at 2500 INR, with  free shipping in India only.

Carnot- The one-stop-shop device for your cars to be under your radar always. From anywhere and anytime, Carnot (with app) allows you to monitor your vehicle and its exact location along with other issues related to its maintenance are always updated to you so that you never have a car breakdown in the middle of the road. Available at a 7000 INR with one year replacement warranty.   

AuraVR GO– Want to experience reality in the virtual medium? Idearary brings to you the most amazing ever Virtual Reality gadget, AuraVR GO. Where your imagination takes are major turn and you find yourself present in a virtually powerful world of animated life, AuraVR GO is a mesmerizing gadget that comes in easy price of 949 INR with free shipping all over India. Own it to believe it!

Xdoor Mini fan and table lamp– Just imagine, a compact structured, amazing looking air purifier that works like a bladeless fan. And to top it all, it also provides cool light like a  table lamp…Out of this world, right? No, it’s pretty much available here in India. Xdoor Mini fan and table lamp is all that you just read. Available at only 3700 INR with free shipping across India.

IDEAx has mastered the techniques to keep its Ideazens, its buyers and readers happy!

To know more about the rest of the products from various categories, checkout our website and follow us at Facebook.

See you there!     

Virtual Reality, Gaming & Video Dimension Made Real with AuraVR GO

Virtual Reality has just taken the front seat for modern gamers and gaming enthusiasts are all gung-ho about it. Virtual Reality is all about viewing and experiencing games and designs in a new dimension, although not multi-dimensional but offers a 360° surround view making it more realistic and feels like you are inside the game, playing it, living it. Hence, Virtual Reality.


IDEAx like always, in its support to the budding technology and the technologists beaming with entrepreneurial ideas have come together to unravel yet another hi-end technology based entertainment console, AuraVR GO. An extension to AuraVR, a virtual reality headset attachable to your mobile sets and lets you experience a world of veritable immersive virtual experience.


AuraVR GO is especially designed to perform impeccable surround 360° view for enhanced realism inside a simple yet creative gadget. AuraVR Go is a brand new VR headset from AuraVR, the proud pioneers of VR in India. The unique design and features of AuraVR Go makes it class apart from the horde of VR headsets in the market. Using this design patented cool VR gadget the user is in for a treat of highly immersive videos, virtual tours, 3D movies and play virtual reality games on their smartphones, redefining your virtual reality experience.

Features that make you go crazy for AuraVR GO!


AuraVR Go is a wonderful blend of aesthetics and technology, upholding the principles of ergonomics in its every step of manufacturing. Built-in touch button helps in interactive input & click.

  • Supported by a 3 way adjustable head-strap it lets you experience VR in more comfortable way.
  • Bigger 42 MM resin lenses with focal length adjustment according to one’s face contour and eye sight enhances the viewing experience.
  • Weighing mere 148 grams, AuraVR is the lightest VR headset in its class enabling all VR enthusiasts, from a young child to an adult, enjoy the experience.
  • The T-shaped head-strap is extremely comfortable to wear as it’s evenly spreads around your head.
  • The silicon studs hold the mobile phone firmly in place and prevents any scuff mark on screen.
  • The cushion around eyes is especially made to avoid sweat around the eye area. Also, it does not let external light enter the FOV.
  • The open case design lets you switch your experience from virtual reality (VR) to augmented reality (AR) mode in no time.

AuraVR GO lets you unearth unimaginable possibilities!


Virtual reality isn’t only a view-master for gaming. It’s an entirely new medium and concept whose worth is slowly being realized. Here are a few of the ways VR can be used:

  • It can be used to view 3-D designs, explore the space in virtual reality, 3-D gaming, 360 degree videos, virtual reality applications. It has maximum usage in entertainment industry with incorporation in live-streamed concerts and theatrical experiences.
  • Ideal option for artists and designers building from homes and towers to couture in 3D to realize the true dynamics of the design and the structure.
  • VR can play a positive role in Education and various science fields like medicine, chemistry, physics and astronomy, modeling the anatomy in incredible ways. VR simulations will one day hopefully offer practice runs at techniques, designs and ideas.
  • Tourism shall not lie far behind. Exploratory services can well be served with VR gadgets.

With a World of immense possibilities and probabilities, AuraVR GO is one of the latest and a huge hit amongst the new generation of techies and enthusiasts. Idearary offers this amazing gadget at a very convenient price of 949 INR per kit. Available at 15 days replacement warranty against manufacturing defect with easy availability only at Idearary.


Let’s hit it. Let’s AuraVR GO!