Bent Chair Bringing Soul to Your Home Décor with Style

Home Décor has always been an affair so grand for people around the world, that people even make special trips to the remotest corners in search of the exquisite choices for decor pieces and ideas to embellish and design their dwellings. Like other fashions, home furnishings and decoration has also experienced a 360° shift in all the furnishing fronts, from look, designs to material. From mid-century to the present, home décor approaches have gone through Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and contemporary movements in a significant departure from Victorian styles reserved for the elite.

Furniture designers have always only been addressing the growing needs of the consumers greedy for the most exclusive designs. Bent Chair, the urban furniture proprietors serve the greed very well with their astonishingly extravagant designs with extra elite and premium look, but made available at easy affordability.


Furniture resonating the awe of grand yet chic décor.

The millennial age has fresh needs of aesthetic engagement. And that is the bend the Bent Chair team is following. From design innovation and re-interpretation to material selection, our focus is to bring to you affordable luxury with a universal appeal. Bent Chair furniture designs are crafted keeping poise and grandeur both in one piece to emanate excellence in the craftwork while the second objective is to make them easy on their price range for better consumer relations.

Designs so amazing and bespoke!

Bent Chair offers a massive variety of trending and classy furniture pieces and cushions, furnishing linens, decorative items meant to embellish your house in the plushest ways. Chairs and Cushions and covers are available in a myriad variety from old, traditional to modern, liberal and post modern designs. All the latest and most impressive variety can be found here.

Utility blended perfectly with luxury…

Bent Chair offers luxury designs and concept based furniture designs and cushions that are not just luxurious but solve the very purpose of it. Bent Chair solves the fact-of-the-matter furniture requirement with utility quotient doing perfect justice to the entire ensemble and does it as reasonably as any other competitive brand. The USP is the provision of not just being simple, sober and sophisticated but also adding style that is affordable and made available at your door step.

You want comfort and premier product laminated together? Bent Chair is your destination!

With an easy starting price range of 10,000 INR for the Chairs and 1499 INR for the cushions, Bent Chair offers you the ultimately satiating designs combining glamour and efficacy for the modern man with high affordability. Available at easy EMI facility and free home delivery across India, Bent Chair offers its people the reason to rest and enjoy their best!

The kickass idea and concept of luxury blended with utility is an idea supported and powered by IDEAx in association with Bent Chair. Leading the fashion marquee offered by Bent Chair, we, at Idearary try to simplify lives with the cool shots of products that let you not just live your life but also enhance the quality of the same.











































IDEAx Empowers You with a Wide Variety of Boss Products for an Enhanced Quality Life

Not Life, But Good Life is to be Chiefly Valued. ~ Socrates

Idearary has always aimed to make Socrates proud. This time with a wide variety of products that are made available to make life simpler. Besides encouraging Ideas to change life, Idearary supports the cause of licensing the ideas to show them the light of the day. Those ideas have been executed with panache and are now available for you to purchase, experience and appreciate the great brains behind them. At Idearary, we let you have the best of both worlds with an extensive variety of products that are sure to make your life better. So Let’s Explore!

IDEAx presents to you a product library in various categories to change the way you live your life:


  • Dimensioning Pen– A magic wand for the designers, architects and creators of everything great. The area measuring dimensioning pen is a boon for easy and accurate measuring of small or bigger areas that is easily and precisely recorded by the app supported pen. This enhances the accuracy in measurements for professionals like architects, designers, developers, etc.


  • Carnot roadside pan India assistance– It’s your perfect driving assistant. A pan India Roadside assistance gadget with an app that supports you with proper navigation of your vehicle. Guides you on your way to a successful journey. Alerts you with malignancies, accurate location and condition of your vehicle, along with alerts for emergency situations. All you need to do is, install it and freely know the status of your car, from wherever you are. Isn’t that great!


  • LEVIT 8– An ergonomic, flexible, dynamic and portable table that is ideal for office purposes. It is capacitated with holding things thrice its weight with so much ease that it is a must have.


  • Aura VR GO– For the love of gaming and virtual reality, Aura VR GO is the ultimate gadget to behold. With features like none other, Aura VR GO is the best-in-class virtual reality medium to enjoy those gaming nights.


  • Foldio2– The amazing Foldio2 is a photography companion for the love of professional product photography and much more even with your smartphone. It can also be paired with a rotatable disk making it Foldio2+Studio. Three Point Lighting? Sorted!


  • Powercube– As they say, great things come in small packages. A multi socket power supply point which also reduces your wire entangling hassles, is the best gift to yourself, family and friends.



  • Livia Skins– Hello women! No more suffering from the menstrual cramps with Livia Skins, that works on the brain’ pain sensing areas to eliminate the pain points during your menses and provides you with a pain-free and happy period. Perfect gift for your female friends and companions!


  • Lief Stress Patch– Stress is a part of life now that needs total eradication. With a simple gadget like Lief, this is exactly what we aim to achieve.


Home décor and Home Care

  • Floor Rugs– Specially handcrafted in the heartland of India, these hand knotted rugs are sure to redesign your home and add the traditional yet modern flavor to it.


  • Furniture designs from Bent Chair and Cushions– Home décor with chic designs to enhance the modern and trendy look of your living room and bed room is the sole purpose of the exquisite designs from Bent Chair products.


  • Fabric by Yard– Exclusive fabrics that are multi-purpose and designer is the definition of Fabric by Yard. Own them now!


  • Xdoor Mini Lamp and Fan– Perfect little lamp designed with an air purifier to provide you the best of air for a healthy life. Reading that book with your hot coffee in the most fresh air is that easy now.


  • Heng Lamp– It’s a lamp with a difference. Easy switching mechanism and classy design makes this a hassle-free product for your home and for gifting purposes as well.



  • Benarsi Dupattas– Dupattas are the definition of fashion in India. They add statement to your dressing style, colors and grace to your wardrobe and ensemble. Try these to feel beauty and fashion like never before.


  • DAX Wallet– It’s a smart wallet with cascading tabs to manage all your important financial cards and ids in one place with ease.


All the products are easily available at Idearary with specialized prices and easy terms and conditions.

Ride Smooth, Ride Smart with Carnot Pan India Roadside Assistance

Driving safe in the hustle bustle of Indian roads can be extremely challenging for the drivers and riders sometimes. Yes, we all have been there. It can be a nuisance. According to a survey held in 2016, every day around 400 deaths are reported in India due to road accidents including bad driving. Idearary believes that every life is precious, just like every idea is. Hence, IDEAx in association with its Ideazens have come up with a new product in to justify your life and your car’s life on Indian roads with a superior analysis capable device called Carnot. It is an app based smart car device that is installed in your car once along with its analyzing app allows you to monitor the condition of your vehicle and whereabouts your car.

The Carnot device is a pan India roadside assistance mechanism that informs you about its real-time GPS location and also alarms you in odd or emergency situations like towing incident, any accident, or any such uncalled-for situation.



How does Carnot Work?

Carnot runs on the dashboard of the Carnot mobile app displaying all the device generated information as you drive or even when you are at home, at office and even while you are on a vacation. The smart device connects with your cars sensors through the on-board-diagnostics (OBD) port. It then analyses data it receives from the car allowing you to monitor it through the app, wherever you are.

The real-time information imparting mechanism is the ideal feature of the entire concept of Carnot which makes it ideal for urban drivers especially in the metropolitan areas in India. The device is created keeping in mind the cars manufactured post 2008. The design is in compliance with the vehicular diagnostics of post 2008 car designs.


Why is it addictive for prudent drivers of today’s generation?

Most of the young drivers are available on internet and run app based mobile life. Driving is a huge necessity for them today, exactly the reason why Carnot is an important deal. The smart car device is a viable option for car owners even from foreign locales. The device send you SOS alerts to you, your emergency contacts in case of an accident, rash driving, etc. and lets you drive in peace with alerts like check engine, low battery notifications and the over-all health of your car at just a tap of a touch button. The app also automatically logs all the trip data on your phone and also provides you with smart driving suggestions to improve the way you drive. The device costs 7000 INR with one year replacement warranty on manufacturing defects. The subscription post one year free subscription will cost 900 INR. It is also 100% refundable on booking price. This easy yet smart way allows you to drive fuel efficiently, drive safer and smarter with its impeccable information accuracy to match your driving style.

With its 24×7 roadside assistance, being stranded on the road is truly the thing of the past!

Orangemonkie Making Product Photography Easy With the Awesome Foldio2

Ever been keen on adopting photography as a career? Well, now is the time. Orangemonkie in association with IDEAx has renovated their premium product Foldio 360 and have come up with Foldio2. Foldio2 is a superb portable studio meant to ease the process of photography involving three point lighting system in one compact and highly useful combination. The product is utility-centric aimed for DSLR /Smartphone photography.


Be a photography pro with Foldio2-

Foldio2 (Foldio2 + Studio) is the world’s first all-in-one portable studio. It allows anybody with a smartphone or camera to take studio-quality pictures easily. Three point lighting includes the key light, fill light and the back light. The LED lighting system is placed throughout the expanse of the product providing the most accurate lighting meant for product photography.  With all the provisions for perfect product photography, even with a smartphone, anyone can take pictures with Foldio2 and be a pro.


Easy shooting in a Foldable and portable Foldio2-

Orangemonkie has developed the product keeping in mind the various possibilities that can be achieved with a better design and more space than the previous version. The new-improved Foldio2 has a great design making for great use. Foldio2 is designed as a simple foldable magnetic structure which allows everyone to set up the studio quickly and easily. A handle makes Foldio2 conveniently portable. The Foldio2 is 15″ bigger and brighter than its predecessor Foldio.


Great features come in small packages-


  • Powerful LED-light strip with built-in dimmer

The Foldio2 LED light strip is much more powerful than most LED strips. The accustoming to this small yet powerhouse performer is going to be a joy-ride for you. There is also a built-in dimmer device will help you control the brightness according to your needs. Apart from this, the product also comes with and without diffuser to give your images better shadows and higher definition.

  • Simple but powerful Foldio app-

The product comes with a supplementing Foldio app. Created to assist and improve your photographs in several ways. It also comes with a chroma key function to create great pictures with easy adjustment for the brightness and a simple way to change the color temperature. For now, the app is available for iOS devices. Although an Android version will be is also in the pipeline by the makers.

  • The Orangemonkie belief-

The makers are a collaborative team of engineers and designers from the US and Korea. The motto of their work is to create and deliver products that are “Simple yet Useful”. The team has a firm belief that with Foldio and its range of products, you can experience a new level of possibilities in smartphone photography. More heed is paid here to smartphones as due to enhanced technology, they also deliver equally mesmerizing image quality.

Foldio2 is a revolutionary product that comes in various sizes and varieties, each of them have their advantages. You only get to know it once you personally use it.

Foldio2- Set. Shoot. Repeat.

It doesn’t get easier than this.

Xdoor Revolutionizing the Idearary Way-Air Purification with a Twist of Lamp

Urban India has developed over the years in so many ways, culture, education, lifestyle and so much more. But one area where it has only deteriorated is the environment. The ecology of urban areas in India has not only been neglected with humongous influx of vehicles every day, but the condition is so grave that metropolitan cities like Delhi and Pune are rated as one of the most polluted cities of the world. According to the recent pollution index by cities statistic of 2017, Delhi NCR reportedly has crossed 95 points on the index standing at the fourth position  on the list of cities with the maximum pollution.

IDEAx believes that we as inhabitants of this land have some duties to curb the situation. Which is why, we have collaborated with the Ideazens, a designers’ team from Guangdong, to create a better air purification system, Xdoor Mini Fan with Lamp. This integrated device is a combination of an air purifier designed in a way that also serves the purpose of a lamp.


Breathing pure like never before

Xdoor Mini Fan is designed as an air purifier and table lamp in one. The dual-functionality allows a you to not only enjoy the most purified air within your indoor surroundings but also allows you to enjoy that favorite book of yours. Multi-functional Xdoor device is also awesome as they it provides two modes, for air purification as well as for light. It will freshen up your room with its multi-purpose and unique design.

Xdoor, airing your room like a bladeless fan

One of the many qualities of Xdoor is not only its multi-functionality but also the fact that it works magic with running on the same principle as a bladeless fan. It offers you two main modes for air purification- silent purification and Fast purification. In silent purification mode, its volume is less than 40 decibels. While in fast purification mode, the volume of air processed is up to 50 m³/h.


Air purification made simple

Xdoor air purification system primarily runs on the concept of “negative ions + three-layer filter”. This filter contains a cold catalyst, activated carbon and a HEPA high-efficiency filter. The best air filters of the world also run on the same technology. Xdoor puts the same technology in the smaller device which is so unique in its design, shape and facilities that you will be compelled to own one. It’s a n air filter with a lamp.


Lighting with a difference

Apart from other graceful components of Xdoor, its gentle and soft light of fluorescent lamp and atmosphere light is a plus sign for your household. It will not flicker and barely generate any heat. Its bright light has a color temperature of either 2800 or 4000K. All of it can be managed with just a push of a button. It can’t get simpler than this.


Idearary, like always has encouraged life simplifying ideas. Xdoor has been one of them. The journey has been a ride to remember, working with excellent thinkers from Guangdong was an exhilarating experience. Xdoor is a pocket-friendly device @ Rs. 3700 per piece + taxes and duty extra. This comes in with 1 year warranty. With free home delivery and no other surcharge, Xdoor is a must buy device this summers.